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SBI's (SBI's) Track Record Is Impressive

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I guess the most important test of how well an online business building system works is in the online businesses that have resulted. SBI (SBI!) has a very impressive record.

The Alexa study of top-ranked SBI websitesSBI did a study of the Alexa rankings of 1,000 randomly selected SBI! sites. Here's what they found.

  • 35% of SBI! sites ranked in the top 1% of all sites (i.e., higher than 99% of all sites on the Web)
  • 53% were in the top 2%
  • 62% scored in the top3%

That's a pretty amazing result. And when the study has been performed more recently the percentage of top 1% sites keeps going up. For example, take a look at how SBI! sites rank in various industries and various case studies.

Why do they rank so high? I know why. The SBI approach works well for those who aren't afraid of the hard work involved. The method is sound. The tools are absolutely wonderful! And the results show it.

The study above gives you an idea of traffic -- which is the foundation of any good online business. What it doesn't show is actual business results, profits made, revenue received. I don't know of any comprehensive study of that.

Videos telling how various SBI online businesses have started. 

But there are lots of anecdotal stories. I have several friends I know and trust that have built SBI sites and now earn several thousand dollars a month from what for many is a part-time business. I know this works. If you'd like a kick, watch some of the videos people have sent in that tell the story of their businesses. You may see your own potential story in some of them.

But SBI certainly isn't for everybody. NextLet me tell you who shouldn't sign up for SBI...

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