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Site-building and hosting at SBI are strong

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You get your message out there by building the website. Essentially, website building involves three elements:

  1. Design -- a pleasing look and feel with a functional navigation system. You can pay a designer several hundred dollars for a unique design. But a very effective and workable approach is to use an existing design template and make adaptations to personalize it to represent your own online business. SBI includes many templates to chose from.
  2. Webpage construction. Now you need turn the content you've written (remember the "Create In-Demand Content" step of C > T > P > M) into an HTML webpage. There are stand-alone tools you can use for this -- FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc. Or you can use SBI's built-in web interface. Essentially, they provide a template-driven content management system. You type in the title, keywords, brief description, and paste in the content of your article in the space provided. Then the system places it within the template design you selected. (Alternatively, you can bypass the template and paste in your own HTML design from scratch, but don't try this unless you are a design expert.)
  3. Web hosting platform. This is a computer hooked up with an extremely fast connection to the Internet that allows anyone in the world to view your website. If you shop around, you can find web hosting from $4 to $50 per month. I pay about $250 per month for web hosting for my business. (Remember these figures when I tell you the annual price of SBI under Cost vs. Benefit below.)

How would I evaluate the quality of SBI's site-building and hosting tools? Average to above average. In other words, they do a very adequate job here. But so do literally thousands of other hosting services.

If all you need is a hosting service, go elsewhere. But, if you're trying to build an online business, you need much more than a good hosting service. You need business guidance and tools. Fortunately, that's where SBI really shines. NextLet me tell you about the SBI tool-set which is without peer anywhere....

  1. Research Process
  2. Honest advice
  3. Content-Based Approach
  4. Site-Building and Web Hosting
  5. Tool Set
  1. Ken Evoy's Passion
  2. Cost-Benefit Ratio and Pricing
  3. Track Record
  4. Who Shouldn't Use It
  5. Order SBI now
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