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Not everybody should sign up for SBI (SBI!). Here are a few of the situations that aren't as likely to profit from it:

  • Expert Web Marketers. If you've been around Internet marketing for a decade or so and have several online business successes under your belt, you probably don't need SBI! You probably have all your tools and services assembled, your method down, your "angle" perfected ... though it is handy having it all in one place.
  • Venture Capital Funded Start-Ups. If your company is receiving investment from a venture capitalist, you probably shouldn't use SBI You can afford to hire top designers and programmers to custom program everything. And the venture capitalist might feel cheated when you spend $299 a year. He'll wonder what you're doing with those millions! :-)
  • Complex database driven sites probably aren't good candidates for SBI either. SBI! has ways to plug in various third party tools, but if your entire site needs a strong database backend, you probably ought to build the site on a different platform.
  • Get Rich Quick. If your goal is to get rich quick off the Internet, don't bother with SBI They don't charge a lot (What could be any good for only $299 per year!) and they tell you the truth about hard work. You'd be better off going with a hype-ster who promises you fabulous wealth. You lose much more money with them and will have the satisfaction of a horror story you can tell for the rest of your life.

Seriously, SBI isn't for everyone. But it is a very good choice for:

  • Newbies. Individuals who don't know how to make money on the Internet and need someone to guide them to the best approach for their particular situation.
  • Mom-and-pop operations that are willing to work very hard, but don't have a lot of money to throw around.
  • Marketers who like having all the site promotion tools built in. Some SBIers have such a success with their first site that they build multiple "micro sites" using the same familiar, tool-rich platform.
  • Retirees or those nearing retirement who want to supplement their pension.
  • Stay at home moms. Actually, SBI! has a huge following here.
  • Small businesses that want to maximize their position on the Internet, but don't have a team of web designers, programmers, business advisors -- and investors -- to help them to do it.

As I mentioned at the outset, when I get calls from people who are floundering about how to have online business success, in almost invariably recommend that they try SBI It's just right for many, many of my online readers and friends.

If you have a question, ask the SBI people and they'll try to answer you promptly

And when you find your "sweet spot" of success with SBI, please contact me and let me know. I'd love to hear from you.

So if you fit the types of people who will benefit from using SBI, what are you waiting for?

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