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SBI's Cost vs. Benefit Ratio Is Outstanding

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The cost of SBI for one year is US $299. When you see all that you get for this, I think you'll agree that this is a huge bargain. I've shopped for Internet services since 1995. I know what things cost for small business people. And I know a good deal when I see one.

Here's how I see this from a price comparison standpoint:

Hosting service with site-building toolsYahoo! Small Business web hosting is currently $11.95/mo or $143.40 per year. They provide a good service at a typical price.Included for $299/year
E-mail newsletter servicesMy favorites include iContact (which I use, starts at $9.95/month, $119.40 per year) and Constant Contact (starts at $15/month, $153 per year)Included for $299/year
Online forms for contact and data collectionFormSite.com starts at $9.95/mo or $99.95 per year. LogiForm starts at $24.95/mo or $299.40 per yearIncluded for $299/year
Search Engine OptimizationSoftware to optimize webpages are usually sold as desktop software. WebPosition 4, for example, is $389 plus $99 per year. Included for $299/year
Niche Research SoftwareWordTracker is $49/mo or $329 per year. KeywordDiscovery from Trellian is $69.95/mo or $599.40 per year.Included for $299/year

Integrated sound business advice that you can trustPricelessIncluded for $299/year

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

If you're comparing SBI to a hosting service only, you can get hosting cheaper, etc. But when you wrap all the tools together in an integrated fashion, for $299 per year (prorated price would be $24.92 per month or 82 cents a day), you can't beat this anywhere. They win hands down.

Plus, they'll give you the best chance I know at actually coming up with an online business that makes money. NextLet me tell you about SBI's impressive track record....

  1. Research Process
  2. Honest advice
  3. Content-Based Approach
  4. Site-Building and Web Hosting
  5. Tool Set
  1. Ken Evoy's Passion
  2. Cost-Benefit Ratio and Pricing
  3. Track Record
  4. Who Shouldn't Use It
  5. Order SBI now
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