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About Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

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Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

Dr. Ralph F. Wilson is the principal of Wilson Internet Services.
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Dr. Ralph Wilson formed Wilson Internet Services at the very beginning of the commercial Internet in 1995 to help business people learn how to market their products and services more effectively by means of a website.

Website and Online Store Design

Dr. Wilson began as one of the first website designers in the summer of 1995. He was probably the first to specialize in low-price, high-quality websites for small businesses. He designed his first online store in December of 1995, and went on to design nearly 50 early online stores, becoming an e-commerce expert in the process. His web design worksheets and contracts have been used by hundreds of designers over the years.

Internet Marketing Publishing

  • Founded, wrote, and published Web Marketing Today (1995), the second Internet marketing newsletter in continuous publication. Sold in 2012 to Kerry Murdock of Practical eCommerce.
  • Founded, wrote, and published Web Marketing Today Premium (formerly Web Commerce Today, the first newsletter devoted to e-commerce, 1997-2009).
  • Founded, wrote, and published Doctor Ebiz, a Q&A publication in the field of Internet marketing (2000-2006).
  • Academic papers co-authored by Dr. Wilson
  • Wrote articles on Internet marketing numbering in the thousands for his various publications.
  • Conducted, edited, and published over 250 video interviews with experts in the field of Internet marketing. For years his video camera and lights were a familiar site in the speakers room at SES conferences.
  • Annotated links to articles in the Internet marketing field numbering over 25,000 were compiled through 2009, providing a huge select database in the field.
  • As one of the earliest and most complete Internet marketing websites, it received awards, kudo, and reviews from a wide variety of sites and books.
  • Dr. Wilson wrote a dozen of the seminal books on Internet marketing in the fields of e-commerce, marketing planning, SEO, local marketing, article marketing, etc. Today, however, all are out of print except his Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy (Wiley, 2002).
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