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Dr. Ralph Wilson Announces Sale of Web Marketing Today

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N E W S  R E L E A S E

LOOMIS, CA and GRAND JUNCTION, CO, April 23, 2012

Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Founding Editor, Web Marketing Today
Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Founding Editor, Web Marketing Today

Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, creator and long-time editor of industry-leading e-zine Web Marketing Today (www.wilsonweb.com), today announced the sale of this historic website and newsletter, effective May 1, 2012, to e-commerce publishers Kerry and Joy Murdock of Practical eCommerce.

"Web Marketing Today is one of the best-known Internet marketing resources and has been in publication since the start of the commercial Internet in November 1995," says Kerry. "Web Marketing Today taught an entire generation of marketers how to promote their businesses on the Internet."

Kerry Murdock, Editor and Publisher, Practical eCommerce
Kerry Murdock, editor and publisher, Practical eCommerce

"We're delighted to add Web Marketing Today to our group of publications focused on the needs of small to medium online businesses," he says. Kerry and Joy Murdock launched Practical eCommerce in July 2005 to help smaller online retailers.  It has since grown to include a dedicated staff of editors, contributors, and advertising consultants. A companion site, Ecommerce Developer, was launched in December 2009 to help developers and designers of ecommerce sites.  

Practical eCommerce and Web Marketing Today have worked together for several years, since they both serve small to medium online businesses and attract advertisers that seek to reach this important demographic.

While Kerry Murdock will take over day-to-day editorial responsibility for Web Marketing Today, Dr. Wilson will stay on as Founding Editor. "We're excited that Dr. Wilson will continue to contribute his popular video interviews as part of our regular content," says Murdock.

Dr. Wilson applauds the arrangement. "Web Marketing Today will be in capable hands when Kerry Murdock assumes the editor's chair in May,"  he says. "My passion for nearly two decades has been to help online small businesses in the United States and abroad. I know that Kerry shares this passion."

Wilson previously published two newsletters in addition to Web Marketing Today, the popular question-and-answer e-zine Doctor Ebiz, and the highly respected paid publication Web Commerce Today (1997-2008, later renamed Web Marketing Today Premium).

Dr. Wilson is the author of numerous books, including the foundational Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy (Wiley, 2002), as well as many of the seminal works on Internet marketing topics, including: The Shopping Cart Report, The E-Mail Marketing Handbook, Guide to Search Engine Optimization, How to Develop a Landing Page, 10 Steps to E-Business on a Shoestring, How to Promote Your Local Business on the Internet, and How to Write an Ad that Clicks.

Over the last five years Dr. Wilson started adding video content to his publication. These five- to seven-minute video interviews have featured the world's top experts explaining various aspects of Internet marketing and e-commerce, and Dr. Wilson's lights and video camera have been common fixtures at Internet marketing conferences. Nearly 250 of these interviews are currently available.

Dr. Wilson won the Tenagra Award for Internet Marketing Excellence in 2001. For five years he brought the one-day Doctor Ebiz Internet Marketing Seminar and Best Practices Internet Marketing Briefings to 20 U.S. cities. He has spoken on Internet marketing at universities, trade shows, at Internet marketing conferences, and to corporations worldwide.

"The last 17 years have been an amazing ride," says Dr. Wilson. "I think God put me in the right place at the right time so that I could help make a difference for thousands of aspiring online businesses."

Dr. Wilson currently serves as the Interim Pastor of First Baptist Church of Nevada City, California. He has also been a pioneer in helping to bring Christian ministries on board the Internet. His Internet based-Bible studies typically draw 5,000 to 6,000 students from up to 130 countries. He is the director of Joyful Heart Renewal Ministries and the author of 29 books in the JesusWalk Bible Study Series. The most popular of these is JesusWalk: Beginning the Journey (JesusWalk, 2009), a video-based, mentor-led approach to developing new Christians in the faith. Dr. Wilson and his wife Jean live in rural Loomis, California.

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You may contact Dr. Wilson personally at

Kerry and Joy Murdock
Practical eCommerce (www.practicalecommerce.com)
518 28 Road, Suite B-203
Grand Junction, Colorado 81501
(970) 257-0606

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