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Dr. Ken Evoy's Passion to Help Small Business Owners Drives SBI!

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Dr. Ken Evoy, president and founder of SBII've known Dr. Ken Evoy for more than a decade. He's had a fascinating career path.

His training is in medicine as an emergency room physician. He still does an occasional shift and loves medicine. But socialized medicine being what it is in Canada caused him to look around at other ventures to earn a living.

When I met Ken, he and his wife Jan had already spent a decade as Canada's most prolific toy inventors. They licensed 23 toys and games to large companies and made their first millions here -- prior to the Internet.

Make Your Site Sell, by Dr. Ken Evoy 

But Ken is one of the true pioneers of Internet marketing. He sold information and services line about buying and selling penny stocks. Based on his experience and testing with this successful business, he wrote the first serious book on how to maximize online sales, Make Your Site Sell! The advice in this book launched many, many thousands into successful online businesses.

But Ken saw people flailing around trying to get all the pieces of this Internet marketing "thing" together, and had the vision of putting all of the pieces together in one place in SBI Instead of doing the research to find the best vendors and then entering into contracts with the 10 or 20 separate vendors for specialized parts of your site (as I've had to do), he put it all in a single platform:

  • Expert, no-hype guidance
  • A user-friendly site-building and hosting platform
  • A multitude of world-class tools to help you research, market, and monetize your website
  • A community of successful small business people who help one another in private forums

Every time I talk to Ken on the phone I know that this won't be a short call. He is one of the most fascinating people I know. He is brimming over with enthusiasm about the people who use SBI and the successes they're experiencing. He's always coming up with new tools to better help them.

The bottom line is this: Ken Evoy really cares about the success of people who use SBI This passion drives him! And this kind of passion for excellence and success has infected tens of thousands.

Ken is a successful businessman many times over. But the things that endears me to him is that he looks out for the little guy, the small Internet player, and makes his platform affordable. NextSBI's cost-benefit ratio is amazing. Let me tell you about it...

  1. Research Process
  2. Honest advice
  3. Content-Based Approach
  4. Site-Building and Web Hosting
  5. Tool Set
  1. Ken Evoy's Passion
  2. Cost-Benefit Ratio and Pricing
  3. Track Record
  4. Who Shouldn't Use It
  5. Order SBI now
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