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SBI's Clear, No-Nonsense Approach to Building an Online Business

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Another strong feature is Ken Evoy's clear path to a money-making website. He uses the acronym: C > T > P > M

SBI's C > T > P > M method

This makes sense when you understand it.

1. Content. The first step is build in-demand content. That is, you write webpages that answer questions people have about your product or service. This is hard work, but high quality content is the genius of all small business websites. The reason becomes obvious in second step.

2. Traffic. Great content is indexed on the search engines begins to draw traffic. Building an website is like building a storefront on a dead-end street. Unless you can find a way to get traffic to your site -- whatever kind of site you have -- you'll have no business. Great content draws traffic. Simple.

The only other main alternative is to pay for traffic to your site through bidding on Google AdWords, but that's much more expensive. You may find you need to supplement your traffic through PPC advertising. That's not bad, but ...

It's best -- and cheapest -- however, to base your traffic on great content and then do search engine optimization on your webpages so they rank high in the search results for your important keywords. Fortunately, SBI includes more than just its well-known  Action Guide (video or written, your choice) to explain CTPM.  It also  includes all  the built-in tools you'll need to execute it to perfection.  For example, everything for for search engine optimization and tracking  the improving search engine rankings for your keywords.

3. PREsell is the third step. Your great content has attracted traffic. Now that same content "presells" your site visitors, that is, it builds confidence in products and an online business so that your visitors are much more inclined to purchase products or services from you.

How do you presell? You provide information about the product or service or business. Reasons that it is the best choice. Testimonials. Assurances about security of buying online. Information about guarantees and return policies. In other words, you make them ready to buy with confidence. Which leads to the fourth step...

4. Monetize (one of those marketing jargon words for "turn your traffic into money"). I think SBI is unique in that it is very flexible about how you might make money off the traffic that you've brought. They tell you how to make money from (1) sales of products and services, (2) affiliate income from products you recommend and link to on a merchant's site, and (3) income from advertising that appears on your content-rich website. Those are the top approaches, but they suggest many more monetization models to consider.

SBI is very clear that this is step #4, not step #1. Many novice marketers are so intent on making money, that they don't  lay the groundwork (that is, Content, Traffic, and Presell) that allows them to begin to make money.

That's the system in a nutshell. The online Guidebook (in your choice of either written or video format) guides you through this process step-by-step.

That's the overall plan. Now you implement it through Nextsite-building and web hosting. Let me explain...

  1. Research Process
  2. Honest advice
  3. Content-Based Approach
  4. Site-Building and Web Hosting
  5. Tool Set
  1. Ken Evoy's Passion
  2. Cost-Benefit Ratio and Pricing
  3. Track Record
  4. Who Shouldn't Use It
  5. Order SBI now
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