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SBI Offers Best Integrated Set of Research, Promotion, and Sales Tools Available Anywhere

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As I mentioned, SBI's web hosting and site-building tools are average to above-average. Where they excel is in providing for their partners the best integrated set of research, promotion, and sales tools available anywhere.

I've mentioned the Guidebook (both written and video formats). I consider it the most important and basic "tool," though if you're a gadget person, your eyes will light up when you see and understand the software-based tools -- all included in the package.

Research Tools

  • Web Marketing Today Award of Merit 2006 for Excellence in Niche Research SoftwareBrainstorm It! allows you to find the sweet-spot niches that have enough demand (measured in search queries) to sustain a business, but aren't over-saturated with competition so that the cost of getting traffic doesn't make profitability impossible. I gave Brainstorm It! my Award of Merit for excellence in niche research software in 2006.
  • SiteSell Supply is a new kind of search engine that helps you see the real competition, not the fluff that you get with unfiltered searches on Google. This fluff tends to hide the opportunities that may be there.
  • Alexa Integration allows quick research on your potential competitors.
  • Search It! allows you to quickly find the best articles and resources about doing business online.
  • Niche Choose It! helps you select the best site concept and domain name.

Traffic Building Tools

  • Analyze It! analyzes each of your webpages and explains how to optimize it for high search engine rankings.
  • Sitemaps creator automatically creates XML sitemap files that helps Google and Yahoo! spider your site quickly.
  • Search Engine Pinging automatically lets the search engines know when you add a new webpage.
  • Search Engine Tracking reports when spiders visit and index your webpages, and offers suggestions.
  • Search Engine Ranking helps you quickly see your ranking for keywords over time, and makes suggestions to improve your ranking.
  • Traffic Statistics and Click Analysis. In short, SBI provides great web analytics so you can see what's happening on your site so you can help it happen better and correct the snags.
  • Pay-Per-Click Acceleration speeds up PPC ad campaigns through Google AdWords.
  • Value Exchange allows you to easily exchange links with appropriate sites that use SBI The more links you have from good quality sites raises your search engine ranking.

Trust Building Tools

Getting people to have confidence in you is an important step to earning money online. SBI provides:

  • Blog It!, a built-in blogging system.
  • Electronic Newsletter Publishing which allows you to send out e-mail newsletters to your growing list of customers and subscribers.
  • Form Build It! / Autoresponder enables you to build online data-collection forms and surveys without knowing HTML. Includes a built-in autoresponder to send out sequential e-mails, such as courses.
  • Link Fix It! is a special bot scans your pages and alerts you of broken links. This impresses your visitors -- and the search engines.
  • E-mail. Since SBI is hosting your domain, you'll be able to get e-mail in your preferred way -- desktop software such as Outlook, Web Mail, or through Gmail.

Monetization Tools

Here are the tools that help you earn money. It explains the "how-to" of every monetization model. This includes three modules:

  1. Content-building -- helps you identify high-profit areas within your site's theme.
  2. Ad selling -- helps you maximize advertising on your site.
  3. PPC-Buying helps you purchase ads in a cost-effective manner.

Infin It! allows you to plug in third party tools into a SBI site so you can specialize. These tools include stores and shopping carts, membership sites, forums, blogs, wikis, video, directories, you name it.

Guidance and Support Tools

  • Action Guide. This is the best overall guide I've ever seen to developing a money-making online business. Follow it! In my opinion the advice in this guide is worth much more than the entire annual cost of SBI (modest though it is).
  • Private Resources HQ offers best-of-breed recommendations on specialized third party tools. Many of these have negotiated price reductions based on SBI's large base of users. You benefit.
  • 60 Private Business-Building Forums. Here's where SBI users help each other and share ideas. Many business type forums are filled with useless information and self-promotion. This forum is refreshingly interested in sharing and helping each other.

As I said, this is by far the best collection of online marketing, business building, site building, monetization, and traffic building any place in the world. I kid you not! And several of these tools are "best of breed" -- better than you'll find anywhere else.

The reason the tool-set has developed to such excellence, in my opinion stems from Nextthe passion of Ken Evoy, the founder, to help small business owners succeed....


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