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7th Annual Tenaga Awards for Internet Marketing Excellence, September 5, 2001

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Tenagra Award for Internet Marketing Excellence On September 5, 2001, Dr. Ralph Wilson received the Tenagra Award for "Individual Contribution to Internet Marketing." This award is considered the "Nobel Prize of Internet marketing," as Dr. Cliff Kurtzman, Tenagra President and CEO, puts it in a ClickZ article.

Finalists for the award in Individual Contribution to Internet Marketing category were:

  • Dr. Ralph Wilson
  • Dr. Ken Evoy
  • Christopher Locke

These are Dr. Kurtzman's comments at the awards presentation upon announcing the winner:

"Dr. Ralph Wilson is widely recognized as an international authority in the area of Web marketing and e-commerce. He is the founding editor of three popular e-business publications: Web Marketing Today, Web Commerce Today, and Doctor Ebiz, and is read by over 140,000 subscribers monthly in more than 130 countries worldwide. His Doctor Ebiz column is syndicated on over 300 websites.
"His work has been praised and cited in over two dozen books, numerous Web directories, and many periodicals, such as the Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, Business Week, PC Magazine, and MSNBC.
"Ralph Wilson is THE champion of the small business person that wants to do it him/herself and do it right, but also do it inexpensively. As an educator, speaker, and writer he has had a great impact on e-marketing for this market segment. His website is a tremendous resource."

The 6 award winners were determined by a selection committee of Industry experts which included Dr. Cliff Kurtzman:

  • Will Reynolds
  • Patrick Ryan
  • Jim Sterne
  • Eric Ward
  • Chris Lenois

Dr Kurtzman concluded: "By showing the vision to create excellence, our finalists and winners today have established the best practices in our industry and developed techniques that will be appreciated by our peers and remembered well after this event is over. To those of you starting up new Internet ventures, my advice to you is to learn what you can from those who have been successful, and realize that there are still a lot of great success stories waiting to be made in this exciting industry. Once again, I congratulate all of the winners, and look forward to starting up the process for the 8th annual awards this coming December."

A copy of the news release appears on the Tenagra site.

| Bkmrk

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