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Electronic Commerce Research Room Helps Web Merchants Over the Information Hurdle

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Electronic Commerce Research Room helps Web merchants over the information hurdle with gold mine of articles on online selling and store development

ROCKLIN, Calif. - January 26, 1999 (Xpress Press) - Scanning Internet volumes for articles on running a successful Internet store is doable if you have time to burn. But, chances are the gold nuggets you want have been already mined and lie atop the mother lode at the Electronic Commerce Research Room <http://www.wilsonweb.com/research/>.

Dr. Ralph Wilson is the virtual librarian to the Research Room's 1,500 articles on how-to build successful online stores, accept credit cards online, learn from diverse industry case studies on Internet sales and more. The stacks at Wilson's Electronic Commerce Research Room organize the discipline of online selling into 43 categories. A short list of categories includes store design and internal marketing, cost-cutting measures, demographics and shopping behaviors, fulfillment issues, transaction systems, and shopping software technologies.

Although a number of articles are available to read for free, the best results are obtained with full access to the Electronic Commerce Research Room, which is included with a subscription to Wilson's highly lauded e-mail newsletter Web Commerce Today, published monthly since 1997.

Subscribers to Web Commerce Today pay $49.95 annually. Web Commerce Today targets business owners and operators who sell products directly on the Web, and those who develop e-commerce sites. It offers readers how-to guides, tips on making smart decisions, and ways to avoid costly mistakes. In a nutshell, it tells readers what's working online and gives them the information tools to do it. A section on store design, for example, lists pointers to articles on clarity and ease of navigation, shopper privacy, return and exchange policies. Reviews of books related to electronic commerce are also a feature in the editorial mix.

As a bonus for subscribing to Web Commerce Today readers receive a companion newsletter called Web Commerce Today Links, a round-up of timely pointers to stories on electronic commerce from sources as diverse as CIO WebBusiness, The Industry Standard and Forbes to professional trade publications like The Internet Lawyer.

"Web merchants sweat bullets to get their new stores online. The next step is to make them profitable," says Wilson. "We help Web merchants over the information hurdle with practical, how-to information on the latest trends on planning, designing, managing and marketing their business online delivered in a manageable news product."

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(916) 652-4659

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