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Business Week Coverage for Web Commerce Today

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Business Week, January 31, 2000 Web Commerce Today was featured in "Site Seeing" by Karen C. Cheney, in the Frontier section of Business Week, January 31, 2000, page F30. The paragraph about our site reads:

"For tips and news on Internet marketing or e-commerce, Internet guru Ralph Wilson's Web site www.wilsonweb.com is a favorite spot among small-business owners. "It's bar none the best e-commerce resource out there," says Scott Segal, CEO of Internet startup iJewelry Inc. "You can find out about online merchandising, software, online security, and demographics." For full access to the site, you must pay an annual $49.95 subscription fee. But there's plenty there that's free, including the twice-monthly e-mail newsletter Web Marketing Today, which covers everything from site promotion to optimizing listings on search engines. Chat on Web marketing in the site's active forum or check out its Research Room for the largest collection of articles on e-commerce at any single site, with 43 categories including credit-card issues, Internet commerce law, and shopping-software technology."

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