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on Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Here is what readers say about Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy:

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A major contribution in terms of content and common sense

Forced to recommend a single, up-to-date resource guide for anyone seeking advice and mentoring in terms of creating a web site, my vote is for Dr. Ralph Wilson's Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy.

There are certainly a lot of good books out there, but none does such a fine job of integrating 'classical' marketing theory (i.e. SWOT--Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities Threats--and the 4P's of marketing--Product, Place, Promotion, Price) with the unique demands and resources of the Internet. This is a book that only Ralph Wilson could write, as his web site contains the largest repository of marketing and e-commerce articles available--over 9,000 articles in all.

Reading this book is like reading an up to date guide to relating marketing theory to the numerous resources available on the web. Most important, if you follow Dr. Wilson's instructions at the end of each chapter, by the time you complete the book, you'll end up with a written Internet Marketing Strategy--something precious few web sites have.

Read this book because you need a marketing primer, read this book because you need a digest of web resources or read this book because you like Ralph Wilson's conversational style. Regardless of the reason you read it, read this book.

"...contains a great deal of sensible advice..." (Marketing, 14 March 2002)

"...easy text with hands on advice that could prove useful to the beginner as well as the more experienced person." (M2 Communications, 19 April 2002)

Selection of Reviews on Amazon.com

5.0 out of 5 stars
Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy, November 28, 2001, Robert Morgan (Federal Way, WA United States)

If you want good advice on how to market your website this book is it. No flim flam here! Dr Wilson's book is just what you're looking for. He cuts through the geek talk and practically holds your hand as you learn what to do and what not to do. I am 100% convinced 2002 will be a super year due to what I've learned from Dr Wilson. I am also a paid subscriber to his newsletter for one reason...he gives me info I can't get anywhere else. If he doubled the price of his newsletter I wouldn't blink before I gave the OK to renew my subscription.

3.0 out of 5 stars
Good Starter Book..., March 24, 2005
By Thom Reece "OnlineMarketing" (Hawaii, USA)

Ralph Wilson could be fairly called an "international treasure". His web site and writings have guided many internet marketers to success and prosperity. He is widely consider to be one of the true "good guys" on the net. He has earned that respect.

This book, however, is best called a "newbie" book. Good basic information, but not something that is going to excite or benefit the person who is already beyond the basics.

5.0 out of 5 stars
NeSmith eGroup highly recommends....., November 8, 2001
By S. NeSmith (Franklin, TN United States)

Dr. Ralph Wilson does a magnificent job of taking volumes of articles, resources, and customer feedback from his own ecommerce operation, and distilling it down to a very enjoyable book. Wilson teaches the reader how to exploit all the resources of the Internet, while never forgetting sound
business practices. And unlike other business books, Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy is strengthened by Wilson's own online empire which serves as a constant reference tool for the reader, offering numerous examples of a successful ecommerce operation.

4.0 out of 5 stars
A Reality Wake-Up..., October 27, 2001
By Mike Grehan (Jersey City)

In the Internet's vast sea of hype, thank heaven we have Dr Ralph Wilson. Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy is best described as a reality wake-up call. Low on hype and high on facts, this practical guide walks you through the Internet marketing process keeping your feet firmly on the ground. Good, honest advice at a price anyone can afford, from a guy who really does practice what he preaches. ...

5.0 out of 5 stars
An Excellent Book, September 30, 2004
By Mark D. Worthen "Psychologist & Entrepreneur" (Charlotte, NC, USA)

Dr. Wilson is one of the few Internet marketing experts whom I trust implicitly. Why? Everything he advocates in his book you can see in action on his web sites and in his e-zines. He lives up to the saying, "Practice what you preach." (He happens to be an ordained minister too). Plus, he does it all with integrity. His reviews are thorough, well-written, and objective--just like this book. Ask any successful Internet marketer for their "short-list" of most-respected experts and Ralph Wilson's name will appear on that list. I did not find his book to be "just for beginners." It is a comprehensive approach to Internet marketing so it necessarily includes elements about which experienced marketers are already familiar. I see that as a strength, not a limitation of this text.

4.0 out of 5 stars
Good for Newbies -- Like Me!, May 26, 2007
By Chess Buddhist (Long Beach, California)

None of the reviewers mentioned that this book is also geared toward the niche marketer. I bought this book for a class on marketing a niche business. It was very useful and practical with information I could immediately begin applying to my daily job. This is not a terribly deep book, but it is practical, simple to read (you can probably finish it in a day) and straight to the point. I've worked in media for almost a decade, but did little that was related to marketing on the Internet. It was a very useful book for me to start with. I imagine it would be a good refresher from some folks, too. A lot of the material is obvious, even to an Internet marketing rookie like me, but it synthesizes all of those obvious thing as well as the not-so-obvious into one practical guide. You would have to read a ton of articles to get all this information, but it's all condensed here into one short, simple guide. That is really the best feature of this book.

4.0 out of 5 stars
A must for e-marketers., March 31, 2004
Roberto Dondi "DonRo59" (Italy)

There are many reasons to buy Wilson's book online!

If you or your friends have a business then I bet you're either looking for your Web site or you have got it. Well look no more... Wilson shows you how to identify e-business opportunities, build your Internet brand, and define your e-business niche.

Wilson's book is here with hands-on exercises to enhance your Web experience! What you can do with it is unbelievable! It's also a great chance to make some extra money with his chapter on "Writing Your Internet Marketing Plan"! I currently hold the copy of that Wilson's book and I think this might be an opportunity for you and your site to make money from a truly marketing approach. I strongly recommend that you take a look at Wilson's book and start converting your directed traffic to revenue.

3.0 out of 5 stars
www.SecretNewbieTactics.com rates Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy..., December 1, 2009By SecretNewbieTactics.com (USA)

Over all anyone wanting to start an Internet Marketing Business should start strategically... Thus Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy is a must read for those that want a plan that addresses the needs of Internet Marketing For Beginners. SecretNewbieTactics.com gives a thumbs up on this one! As this book does address the needs of Internet Marketing for Beginners...  

5.0 out of 5 stars
Good Planning = Great Success, February 17, 2002
By Thomas Wong (Silicon Valley, California)

Too many Web marketing books focus on how to get your site listed in search engines and attract the masses without a good marketing and site development plan. Dr. Wilson's planning book is timely for those Web site owners who really want to be successful in doing business on the Web.

The following approaches are needed for a business to go online:

  1. Define the purpose of building your Web site
  2. Identify the target audience and competitors
  3. Create a strategic marketing plan
  4. Develop and promote the Web site according to your plan

Dr. Wilson's book covers all the essential elements in creating a successful marketing plan. It is based on his practical experience on the Web. Highly recommended!

5.0 out of 5 stars
Force you to reflect on your Web strategies, December 17, 2001
By Pierre Giguère (Quebec, Quebec Canada)

A down-to-earth and useful step-by-step guide to developing a successful Web venture. The author forces you to reflect on your Web strategies. I wish the book would have been available before I began to build my website. Put your hands on the book and set aside time to read it. It is a really good investment.

4.0 out of 5 stars
More insight from your book, August 20, 2003
By Bob Julius Onggo (www.bjoconsulting.com Jakarta - Indonesia)

 I was carried away with the way you described and explained the Plan on eMarketing strategy. And your book is like a good combination ever. Since you dealt a lot also with virus marketing and ROI calculation as well as the illustration of 4ps for online marketing. But I also want to add Ralph, the Fifth P (5P) for your 4Ps which is "PRESENTATION" just like explained in the book of eBusiness Revolution by Daniel Amor. But that's okay, your book is really helpful.

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