Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Table of Contents

Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy: A Doctor Ebiz Guide, by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson Dr. Ralph F. Wilson's book, Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy: A Doctor Ebiz Guide (John Wiley & Sons, Oct 2001), is comprehensive in its scope. Many books tell you methods to get traffic to your site, but it's a rare one that helps you think through your company's comprehensive Internet marketing strategy. This one does. Several groups will find this compelling reading:

Take a look at the Table of Contents:

Part I. Strategic Planning

  1. Comprehending the Opportunities for Doing Business on the Web
  2. Making Your Web Site Purposes Crystal Clear
  3. Devising an Adequate Revenue Plan
  4. Defining a Unique E-Business Niche
  5. Assessing Your Core Competencies
  6. Developing a Unique Sales Proposition (USP)
  7. Setting Goals for Your E-Business

Part II. Situation Analysis

  1. Performing a SWOT Analysis
  2. Conducting an Industry Analysis
  3. Analyzing the Competition
  4. Understanding Your Customers

Part III. Market and Product Focus

  1. Segmenting Your Internet Market
  2. Differentiating Your Company's Products and Services
  3. Naming Your Online Business
  4. Building Trust in an Unknown Web Business
  5. Positioning Your Company in the Consumer's Mind

Part IV. The 4 Ps of Marketing

  1. P1-Product Strategy
  2. P2-Place (Distribution)
  3. P3-Promotion
  4. P4-Price: Pricing Strategy
  5. Budgeting for and Implementing Your Internet Marketing Plan

Part V. Putting It All Together

  1. Writing Your Internet Marketing Plan
    Appendix A. The Internet Marketing Checklist: 27 Ways to Promote Your Web Site